Fish Tagging

fishtaggingFish tagging in Queensland is coordinated by Infofish. Dart tags are available from the MIFSG Tagging Coordinator.

Fish tagging allows the collection of scientific data such as survival rates and growth rates. Information on fish movements can be gathered and recorded through tagging. The ability to track such data assists with the MIFSG Stocking Management Plan and management of the local fisheries.

When a tagged fish is caught please phone in the length, tag number, date and place of capture. Information is used to gain valuable knowledge of fish growth and movements. Tags are often covered in algae growth making them hard to see. Fish tagging is a community based program that benefits everyone that fishes our waterways.

fishtagginginfofishlinkTo encourage fish tagging, Infofish issues a certificate that names the place and time of capture, the fish's length and weight, and the tackle used. Copies of the certificate are sent to the original tagger and to each subsequent successful angler each time the fish is recaptured.

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